Holiday Lighting

The GDA is seeking a contractor to implement a new outdoor lighting installation on our pedestrian plazas.

2022 - 2023 GDA Holiday Lighting - RFP

  • Question submission deadline: June 5, 2022
  • Proposal submission closing date: Original deadline of June 13 has been extended to end of day on June 19, 2022

1. Is union labor required for this project?

2. If we had to anchor poles into the roadway, will DOT require any special permits for this work?  As a follow up to this, what sort of documentation will you require to show that the poles are able to withstand wind load etc.?  Are there any pole specifications?  
The GDA will work with NYCDOT to secure any required permits. Final design will be subject to potential approval by NYCDOT and an engineering review to confirm the poles can withstand wind. There are no specifications for the pole requirements.

3. In regards to design, is there anything specific or a certain theme that you are looking to put up?
There is no preferred theme, but any objects or patterns used in the design should be non-religious, and more abstract designs are generally preferred.

4. Have the poles that are to be used for power been inspected recently to verify if there is power to each pole?
The power outlets on the streetlight poles were most recently used in February 2022. The GDA will work with a local electrician to ensure that power is functioning properly.

5. Broadway between 39th to 38th street is a pass through for vehicle traffic.  Would we cross the roadway with the display or just illuminate the seating area?
The installation will be restricted to the pedestrian plaza area on all blocks. On the 38th to 39th block, which has pedestrian areas on both sides of the roadway, the installation will be restricted to the pedestrian plaza on the east side of the street. No wires or displays will cross the roadway.


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