Restaurant Week in the Garment District


January 18 - February 13

News    Jan 19, 2022
  • Garment District
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NYC Restaurant Week returns this winter with two-course lunch and three-course dinner options across the city. Several of our neighborhood eateries are participating, so don't miss this opportunity to experience what they have to offer.

The Independent

Fun local favorite. American Cuisine. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner, Sunday through Friday. 

Parker and Quinn

Straightforward and rustic American dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner

Refinery Rooftop

Rooftop at the Refinery Hotel with stunning views. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner

Ben's Delicatessen

A neighborhood classic! Pastrami. Corned Beef. Pickles. Matzo Ball Soup. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner

Joyce Public House

A modern public house paying homage to James Joyce. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner


Rooftop Restaurant with a diverse menu and even more stunning views of our city. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner


Authentic Japanese cuisine at the Henn Na Hotel. $29 Lunch and three-course $39 dinner